Annika Frye

Mind Map
2013 – ongoing

This map is a model for my PhD thesis about Design-Improvisation. I drew this map because I needed to organize all the examples and theories I collected for my thesis during the last two years. While a text only has a linear structure, the graphic shows everything at the same time, so new connections and constellations appear. Thus, the different subjects and theories are linked with each other. Most of the examples are designs from people I know, or they come from projects I did myself.

This is already the 3rd mapping that I made, but it is the most detailed one:I had written quite a lot, while my doctoral advisor, Juliane Rebentisch, encouraged me to make a drawing that shows which examples are relevant. At that point I was actually lost in masses of text. The map works as a tool: I attached it to the wall in my office and it helps me to find my way through the writing process.

The thesis is supervised by Bernhard E. Bürdek, Juliane Rebentisch and Peter Eckart.