Christian Fiebig

Computer Augmented Craft
2011 – ongoing

Christian Fiebig is a German designer exploring the possibilities of the latest computer prototyping and manufacturing technologies – utilising digital systems as a means to effect the design and production of objects. Fiebig often works collaboratively with scientists and computer programmers to develop experimental projects that intersect craft and industrial production.

In ‘Computer Augmented Craft’ Fiebig has created a digital interface that recommends decisions to the designer whilst he/she works. The computer maps the making process, via a webcam, instantly generating other formal possibilities based on the designers chosen parameters. The Computer Augmented Craft project is an attempt to utilise advanced technologies without sacrificing the unique qualities of craftsmanship.

Produced with the support of developers David Menting and Martin Schneider.


Flat Form
2011 – ongoing

Christian Fiebig’s second project within ‘The Machine’ exhibition, ‘Flat Form,’ transforms virtual shapes into tangible objects. Flat Form converts 3-dimensional computer generated forms into polygonal-geometries; these flat geometries are then simply transferred to a sheet of paper. Fiebig uses these generated guidelines to (re)construct the original virtual shapes, in a paper form. Through the addition of epoxy-resin it is possible for the paper vessels to become durable and water resistant.