Eugenia Morpurgo

Repair it Yourself
2011 – Present

Eugenia Morpurgo is a Social Designer and a recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Morpurgo is interested in producing work that allows users to re-appropriate control of the material world. ‘Repair it Yourself,’ equips the user with the tools and materials necessary to fix a pair of broken shoes. For Morpurgo, this project expands upon the role of a growing online ‘repair culture’ (via websites like Instructables and E-how) wherein users are archiving varying techniques and creative procedures.

In the context of ‘The Machine,’ RIY takes the form of an interactive installation that generates and disseminates repair-based skills. During the period of the exhibition the visitors will be invited to repair the RIY shoes, guided by online tutorials. Each visitor/participant attempt at repairing the shoes will be filmed and will itself become a tutorial. Throughout the course of the exhibition, a database of tutorials and a collection of repaired shoes will be displayed and archived.