Joong Han Lee

Haptic Intelligentsia
2012 – ongoing

Joong Han Lee (Studio Homunculus) was born and raised in Seoul, later moving to Los Angeles to study Interactive Product Design at Otis College of Art. He is currently based in the Netherlands, after recently graduating from the Masters programme at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Studio Homunculus’s work focuses on ‘human-centred design,’ that encompasses products, spaces, interactive experiences, and systems.

‘Haptic Intelligentsia’ is the result of Studio Homunculus’s attempt to integrate a notion of craftsmanship into technological production. Haptic Intelligentsia is a human 3D printer; that allows the user to perceive the boundaries of a virtual object. With the use of an extruding gun, attached to a haptic interface, the user extrudes material along a feedback surface. A resistance, generated by the interface, indicates to the user the borders of the virtual object. The final product documents the discrepancy between the computer generated field and the users hand. Haptic Intelligentsia produces products that are individual to each participants encounter with the installation. Studio Homunculus is attempting to humanise the 3D printing process by creating a tactile relationship between the user and the virtual object.