Juan Montero Valdes

Hacking Hope: All I Want to do is Make Some Money
2012 – ongoing

Juan Montero is a Conceptual Designer who has lived and worked in London, Eindhoven, and Milan. His nomadic lifestyle has increased his awareness of the socio-political and cultural potential of design. Juan’s is interested in human interactions and produces work that disrupts habitual behaviour. These human relations are explored through narrative, by employing: film, photography, and interactive design.

His graduation project ‘Hacking Hope,’ originally a short film, attempts to question our relationship with the technological world. The first chapter of Hacking Hope is entitled ‘All I Want to do is Make Some Money.’ This project replicates, on a micro scale, the industrial process used to make dollar bills. The project takes the form of a set of instructions for printing homemade money, using only domestic appliances. The project attempts to highlight the possible decentralisation of our current means of production by utilising the untapped potential of everyday objects.