Maya Ben David/Roee Kremer/Jon Stam

2012 – ongoing

Objects have always been used as tools to direct the narratives of our social recollection. Yet, when dealing with social memory questions of power and control are essential: who chooses what to remember and what to forget? SAVE AS [MINE] examines the current social and production technologies that are enabling history to become more open and heterogeneous. It questions the object’s potential to fix representations of memory, while reflecting on the dynamic nature of human remembrance.

SAVE AS [MINE] connects the story of the local mine to a wider cultural phenomenon by inviting designers to contemplate the void created by vanished industry in their own place. Each personal ‘figure of memory’ is made tactile, while its source inspiration, links, and associations, are embedded in a digital mosaic. SAVE AS [MINE] will continue to grow during ‘The Machine’ as local designers will design their own ‘figures of memory’ through an on-site workshop.

Contributions by:
Jose de la O (MX) & Maurizio Montalti (IT)
Isabel Valdes (SP)
Galit Shvo (IL)
Lina Patsiou (GR)
Omri Revesz (IL/IT)
Sabine Marcelis (NL/NZ)
Nir Meiri (IL) & Talia Winokur (IL)
Maya Ben David (IL) & Jon Stam (CA/NL)