Sofie Lachaert

2011 – ongoing

Money, coins as well as bank notes, are nomadic objects, reflections of a nation, of its style and tradition, its past and present. They are stamped and printed in inconceivably big numbers. And yet, every coin has its very own history, makes a never ending journey through the world, through time and the lives of so many. . . .
Unfortunately, money is what makes the world turn, exchangeable for daily necessities, providing respect, power. Love is for sale.The value of money is constantly subject to political and economical climatic changes. We, quiet, momentary witnesses of its history, are melancholic. We strip the money of its material worth, we saw, hammer or roll away the symbols of power, provide it with a whole new meaning. Coins are melted and forged, updated to everyday objects with a double meaning. Like a candle holder, radiating brilliant light, or a spoon, on its underside, its reverse the image of a king, once thus rewarded for self enrichment and rapacity. Values change!!