Tal Erez

(Waiting for) the People
2012 – ongoing

Tal Erez is a designer and researcher who explores issues of political change, institutional critique, and contemporary forms of resistance. Erez’s research methodology encompasses both the production of objects and text: situated between theory and praxis.

For Erez, new production methods construct new socio-political systems. From the development of guilds in the Middle Age’s to the labour unions of the 20th century, workers have always regulated political power. Erez’s project questions the demise of the workers voice and proposes ways to reinstate it within our post-Fordist society. Erez believes that new manufacturing techniques will enable a re-structuring of our economic and political structures. ‘(Waiting for) the People’ is a set of 14 protest signs, each hung in the exhibition space. The signs act as a provocation for change. Each sign containing an image that hints at a possible future, where the home has become the site of production (The availability of 3D printers at home is near; decentralising the production of physical objects). The documentary image on the reverse of each sign depicts a workers protest from the industrial era – proposing a link between production methods and socio-political change.