The Group Project

Itay Ohaly
2012 – ongoing

The ‘Group project’ is a non-linear design method in which objects are divided and broken into different parts.
Each part is developed by a designer, according to a specific theme and set of instructions. 
The designers create their part without communicating to the other designers. Following a phase of adjustments, all parts are assembled creating a surprising, unexpected result.
This kind of method composes a group exhibition within a single object. Each designer’s different approach and style are expressed together in one object, establishing a dialogue between the objects parts.
For the ‘Machine’ exhibition, 9 designers collaborated to create 3 objects. These objects were designed according to the theme “The C-mine”.

The designers:
Dana Cannam – chair’s leg
Joong Han Lee – chair’s seat
Agata Karolina – chair’s back
Christian Fiebig – table’s leg
Amelia Desnoyers – table’s top
Eugenia Morpurgo – table’s drawer
Nati Moskovich – lamp’s base
Naama Bergman – lamp’s shade
Itay Ohaly – lamp’s leg