Designers in Residence

Five selected design duos from around the region will spend 14 hours shut in the exhibition, experimenting with new uses of the machines, materials and technologies. The results of these experiments will be on display during the exhibition.

Dates: 14–15 July, 21–22 July, 28–29 July, 4–5 Aug, 11–12 Aug
from Saturday 11.00 to Sunday 18.00

Karen Wuytens and Jan Kuppers (B)
14–15 July
As a designer of jewellery and other objects, Karen enjoys experimenting with new materials and techniques. In her artistic work for her PhD in design processes, she works with the technique of 3D printing. She has invited the product designer Jan Kuppers to join her.

Johan Bruninx (B) – 21–22 July
Johan is known as a designer for his ‘mashups’, which combine old with new, materials with technique and design with art.

Dik Scheepers and Luc Daamen (NL)
28–29 July
Dik is a curious designer: what makes design interesting to him is the research that precedes a new technique or an unknown material. Dik has invited jewellery designer Luc Daamen to join him.

Lore Langendries (B) – 4–5 August
Lore designs ornaments and objects in which she examines the boundary between reproducability and non-reproducability in an industrial context.

Linde Hermans and Noortje De la Haye (B)
11–12 August
No challenge is too much for the product designer Linde, especially if it means getting better acquainted with a new material or technique. She has invited the graphic designer Noortje De la Haye to join her.

With the support of Design Platform Limburg