Print a 3D thing

Ten designers take part in this summer workshop 3D drawing and printing.

Thrusday July 5: The Launch

10h00 – welcome at The Machine by Heleen Van Loon (Design Platform Limburg)
10h30 – the world of 3D printing: overview of techniques and materials by Martijn Joris van technieken en materialen door Martijn (i.materialise)
12h30 – lunch
13h30 – explanation Save as [Mine] and design challenge by Jon Stam (designer The Machine)
14h00 – testimonial by Karen Wuytens (MAD-faculty) about her PHD-research, in which she frames the research project DoDesign and her experience with 3D printing techniques
16h00 – presentation of imagery of the participants that will be added to the ‘digital mosaic’ of Save as [Mine], supervised by Jon Stam

Friday July 6: Low-Tech Protoyping workshop

09h30 – tour in The Machine by Matylda Krzykowski and Priscilla Machils
10h30 – guided tour at op C-mine and visit to C-mine expedition
12h00 – lunch
13h00 – open workshop at the exhibition The Machine for concept development and to model first designs by clay/cardboard, supervised by Jon Stam

Tuesday July 10 until Friday July 13: 3D Modelling Workshop

10h-17h: Elaborate introduction to SolidWorks software and open workshop in exhibition The Machine to make press-ready 3D drawings to print your design, supervised by Itay Ohaly

Friday August 3: Visit, Opening & Placement

10h00 – carpool to Materialise (Leuven)
11h00 – tour at Materialise
12h30 – lunch and discussion of results
15h00 – carpool to The Machine (Genk)
16h00 – installation of designs at exhibition + reception

Print a 3D thing is supported by i.materialise